Are you interested in becoming a model? Here is where you will find all the information you need to properly submit your photos to us. It is important to know that if you are under 18 years old, you will need consent from a parent to submit your photos to us! 

We do prefer our models to be:

GIRLS: Ages 13 - 21  height  5'8" - 5'11.5"

BOYS: Ages 15-25  height 5’11" - 6'2"

Your parents, siblings, or friends can take the photos you will need to submit on a phone or camera! Your photos should closely resemble the examples. Make sure you take your photos in a clean well lit area.

You will need: ONE close up photo, ONE full length photo, and ONE profile.  Close ups should be taken with you hair down AND pulled back from your face. 

Your outfit should be simple and something that shows off your body! PLEASE DO NOT WEAR MAKE UP OR JEWELRY OF ANY TYPE. No make up at all! Absolutely zero.

To submit your photos please email us at:


Please label the subject SUBMISSION followed by your name and include the following information

  • Height

  • Age

  • Bust, Waist and Hip measurement ( IN INCHES. Your hip measurement should be taken at the WIDEST part of your hips)

  • Shoe size

  • Dress size

  • Hair & Eye color

  • Current Location

  • Instagram